1. RevGuard completes Integration with LimeLight CRM

    Jan 14, 2011 12:45 pm MST

    “There are only a handful of new technology platforms each year that make a huge impact in our industry. This is one of them! I’m proud and honored to be part of it,” commented Rick Del Rio, CEO & Founder at Lime Light CRM. “RevGuard’s OCO System is going to help our clients manage their customer service in ways that will help them expand their business and substantially increase their profitability.”

    “Lime Light CRM is a dynamic leader in the CRM space, so this is a great opportunity for us to work with Lime Light CRM in a way which should dramatically increase their client’s profits,” said Blair William McNea, CEO at RevGuard. “Rick’s enthusiasm for OCO and his passionate focus on helping his clients make more money is infectious.  Lime Light CRM is constantly innovating and looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition – and RevGuard’s OCO is one way to keep them out in front.”

    “RevGuard and Lime Light CRM have a lot of the same business views - increasing overall return on investment for our clients while automating the entire process and keeping it simple. We rolled out our live integration last week, and we already have customers using OCO.” continued Del Rio, “We’re looking forward to seeing the improvements to their profitability in the coming weeks.”